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Digital Start-ups: Great Local News Hope or Disappointment?

As many legacy news outlets struggle to survive, industry analysts are looking to digital start-ups as a promising way to revive coverage of local news. ...


Margaret Sullivan, media columnist for the Washington Post, is out with a new book, “Ghosting the News: Local Journalism and the Crisis of American Democracy,” published ...


Local news outlets are working hard to keep the digital subscribers they’ve gained from COVID-19 coverage, and they’re seeing encouraging signs that the newcomers are ...


Creative Loafing Tampa Bay moved into a new office last December. Editor-in-chief Ray Roa was on paternity leave while the other employees settled into an ...

Television Is Top News Source During Pandemic, Illinois Poll Finds

During the pandemic, Illinois residents have gotten their news most often from local and national television rather than from newspapers or radio, according to a ...

COVID-19 Accelerates Local News Trends, for Bad and Good As Financial Crisis Deepens, Newsrooms Making Quicker Shift From Print to Digital and From Dependency on Ad Dollars to Reliance on Reader Revenue

Before 2023 even started, we knew it was shaping up as a brutal year for journalism jobs as major chains were merging and cutting staff. ...

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Understanding audiences and exploring new approaches


We focus on the theoretical promise, and the actual difficulty, of embracing a financial model built around direct payments from readers and users. Can thinking of these people as members or subscribers lead to real, ongoing engagement, or the sort of lifetime habit that formerly characterized profitable mass media in America?

Rise of the Nonprofits ‘Stop Thinking About Competition’

The increasingly familiar models adopted by public radio and the Texas Tribune are juxtaposed with interviewees’ increasing interest in philanthropic investment and a focus on specific niches where supply and demand can be carefully calibrated.

Innovation Not ‘just chasing flashy, shiny objects’

The interviews reveal a certain tension that has been created by perceived overuse of the word “innovation” without attention to context. No one denies that new ideas are central to navigating the present and the future, but how about creatively applying concepts that may have been around for more than a few months?

Local TV ‘Disruption Is Coming’

To fail to look past the obvious current struggles of local print organizations is to fail to understand what’s next for the medium where most Americans still say they get their local news. Sufficient money is still flowing in many local broadcast operations, but the slow pace of digital adoption in some places may augur poorly for the industry as pressure increases on revenue sources like retransmission fees.

The Future of Local News 美国队长_360百科:2021-7-28 · 美国队长,《美国队长》是2021年上映的超级英雄电影。改编自漫威的经典同名漫画。漫威电影宇宙的第五部影片,由乔·庄斯顿执导,克里斯·埃文斯主演。 影片讲述二战时期,被注射了超级士兵血清的美国青年斯蒂夫·罗杰斯拥有了人类可能拥有的最完美躯体。

This section’s title conveys a fundamental optimism that there still can be a future — in the right circumstances, with the right set of actions based on local-market discernment and careful attention to broader trends. Looking for simple answers? Don’t look here. Looking for a clear-eyed analysis of what still needs to be done? That crops up throughout.


The Chicago Defender, a highly influential black newspaper founded in 1905, announced in July 2023 that it would go online-only because of dwindling print circulation. ...

Diversifying: How a Newspaper Publisher Branched Out

Penny Muse Abernathy, a professor and the Knight Chair in Journalism and Digital Media Economics at the University of North Carolina, has done groundbreaking work ...


A new Northwestern University class called Design for Local News isn’t trying to make minor tweaks in the current media environment. It’s going straight to ...

Medill Study Identifies ‘Paradigm Shift’ in How Local News Serves Readers Building Habit—Not Page Views—Matters Most For Keeping Subscribers, Data Analysis Finds

As online advertising lags, many local news organizations are shifting their strategy to focus on reader-based revenue models, especially digital subscriptions, as a path to ...


Three leading U.S. news organizations are serving as “learning labs” for Northwestern University’s Local News Initiative, a project to harness data and other research tools ...

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